About Dax

What is Dax? 
Dax is a semi-autonomous service robot, located in Philomath, Oregon. 

What Can Dax Do?
Dax can perform a number of functions specific to different industries and research projects. He can deliver things, he can monitor public spaces, he can survey crops, trails, or infrastructure. He is really only limited by his owner’s ability to imagine new jobs for him.


Is Dax Considered a Vehicle?
Dax is considered a pedestrian when he is out doing things for people. He uses sidewalks and crosswalks. Dax has an anti-collision system built in, and he will automatically move over to make way for wheelchairs and strollers.

How Fast Can Dax Go? 
Dax has a top speed of 8km per hour. He also has a built-in emergency stop in case he needs to be reigned in.

What Does a Dax Delivery Cost? 
Typically deliveries are $1-$3 in most markets, although the company delivering with Dax has the ability to set their own price depending on local conditions.


How Big is Dax’s Cargo Bay? 
Dax’s cargo bay is .5 square meters. It can hold 537 Ping Pong Balls or 2 medium pizzas plus drinks.

How Far Can Dax Go? 
Dax can do a 5k! He is not into marathons yet. His doctor says they are bad for your knees. But Dax has smart treads, not knees, so now he’s looking for a new doctor.

Can Dax Go over Curbs?
Not currently. He can go over potholes up to 10 cm deep as well as stay upright on uneven terrain.


Is Dax Waterproof? 
Dax can maneuver in both snow and rain, as well as temps as low as -20C and up to 40C. He can’t swim. Yet.

What are Dax’s Dimensions?
Dax is 3 feet high and 2 feet wide. 

How Does Dax Know Where to Go?
Dax uses GPS to figure out where to go. Along the way, his cameras and sensors help him avoid obstacles and cross streets safely.

Will Dax Bump into Things or Run Over People?
Dax has collision detection, just like some cars do. He is able to detect and avoid hazards mostly on his own, but he can also send an alert to his operator to help him navigate an especially congested or tricky area. Dax also has an emergency stop that can be activated remotely by the operator or physically by a bystander.

Won’t People Steal Dax? 
Probably. But Dax is heavy and hard to steal. He also has GPS, and a brain, and cameras. So there’s not much point because we can find him quickly.

Why Doesn’t Dax Use ROS?
Dax runs on a ROS-like system called DaxOS. The difference is that DaxOS is newer than ROS; it favors Node over Python or C++ and it adds certain features like multi-chip voting and a centralized datastore. DaxOS also allows us to bake safety-related code into the master and not rely on a node, which could otherwise die while the master is left running.